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Sherlock Holmes

The Red Tower

A locked room, a grisly death, a haunted tower. And Dr Watson at the heart of it.


Sherlock Holmes

A Betrayal in Blood

A murdered count, a conspiracy writ in scarlet… A case for Sherlock Holmes.

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The Walking Dead:

All Out War

A tense, strategic skirmish game of post-apocalyptic survival.

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I’m Mark Latham (no, not that one): I write fiction of the weird, fantastical, dark and sometimes historical kind. I design tabletop games along those same lines. I used to edit White Dwarf magazine (cool, right?). I also bake bread, sing (kinda), and get walked regularly by a gigantic hound, but that’s probably not why you’re here.

For information on my books and games, check out the links above. For more about me, click below.

More About Mark

One of the best pieces of science fiction literature to come out this year.

- Atomic Moo

The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms is really something special, and if you’re into the original series and interested in wargaming, this should be a no-brainer.

- TechRaptor

Victorian London comes alive in ways that even Conan Doyle couldn’t imagine.

- James Lovegrove

Sherlockians are in for a treat.

- Publisher’s Weekly (Starred Review)

A terrific follow up to the excellent Lazarus Gate.

- Space Couch

Great fun, mixing elements of Sherlock Holmes and H.P. Lovecraft, James Bond and H.G. Wells.

- Barnes & Noble

Latham mixes cultism, ghosts, and modern photography with great skill, and his bleak ending gave me goosebumps.

- Gingernuts of Horror

The best of this volume is “The Cuckoo’s Hour” by rising pastiche star Mark A. Latham.

- Publisher's Weekly

A story with a scale somehow intimate and epic at the same time.

- Nik Vincent-Abnett