Books and short stories by Mark A. Latham – from the continuing adventures of Sherlock Holmes, to the dark, Victorian SF world of the Apollonian Casefiles and beyond.

Sherlock Holmes

The Red Tower

A locked room, a grisly death, a haunted tower. And Dr Watson at the heart of it.


Sherlock Holmes

A Betrayal in Blood

A murdered count, a conspiracy writ in scarlet… A case for Sherlock Holmes.

The Lazarus Gate2020-08-21T10:56:09+01:00

The Lazarus Gate

Mystery, mayhem & mad science in Victorian London.

The Legion Prophecy2020-08-22T20:09:03+01:00

The Legion Prophecy

Secrets, lies and ghosts of the past threaten the fabric of reality.



18 haunting tales from modern masters of the horror genre.

The Ghost Writer2020-08-22T13:02:34+01:00

The Ghost Writer

A curious antiquarian, superstitious locals, and a haunted house…

The Cthulhu Campaigns: Ancient Rome2020-08-28T14:01:46+01:00

The Cthulhu Campaigns:

Ancient Rome

An alternate, Lovecraftian history of the world’s greatest Empire.

Gaslight Gothic2020-08-22T20:15:51+01:00

Gaslight Gothic

The strange and supernatural tales of Sherlock Holmes.

Bug Hunts2020-08-22T13:46:52+01:00

Bug Hunts

A 23rd century marine’s guide to surviving and combating the alien menace.

A Clockwork Iris2020-08-22T13:51:17+01:00

A Clockwork Iris

Petit Fours, Petit Mort (an Iris Wildthyme short story)