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The Legion Prophecy

1893. Colonel John Hardwick is an embittered veteran of the secret war against the Othersiders, and lives a life of reclusive solitude away from London. But when members of his old unit are killed at the hands of monstrous creatures, and whispers abound that the Artist, Tsun Pen, has returned from the grave, fears spread for Hardwick’s life.

The Legion Prophecy is the third book in the Apollonian Casefiles. John Hardwick’s former friend, Captain Jim Denny, and the American adventuress Marie Furnival, must persuade John to come out of self-imposed exile, and help them discover this imposter who carries the Artist’s name. But defeating this new threat will lead them to discover dark secrets at the heart of the Order of Apollo – secrets that could shake the fabric of the world just as surely as the Lazarus Gate.

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Great fun, mixing elements of Sherlock Holmes and H.P. Lovecraft, James Bond and H.G. Wells.

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