Project Description

Legends of the Old West

Role: Lead Designer

Grab your sixgun, saddle up your mustang, and prepare to take part in the wildest adventure of them all!

Legends of the Old West is a tabletop miniatures game, which allows you to bring to life the adventures of the most notorious gunslingers, stoic lawmen and fearless braves from the most famous period of American history.

This lavishly illustrated series of full-colour game books, written by Mark Latham and designed by Pete Borlace, set the gold standard for historical wargaming, and saw a return to popularity of the western genre in tabletop gaming that endures to this day.

The series included:

  • Legends of the Old West (core rulebook)
  • Frontier: Blood on the Plains
  • The Alamo: Victory or Death!
  • Showdown

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