Project Description


Role: Lead Designer

It was a battle that captured the hearts of a nation, and changed the balance of naval power for a hundred years to come. It was a battle that made men into heroes, and turned a hero into a legend.

Trafalgar is a naval wargame set in the Age of Sail. Within this book you will find all the rules, history and hobby information you need to fight battles between opposing navies throughout the period 1795-1815. From the Battle of Copenhagen and the Glorious 1st June, the war in the Baltic, and the eponymous Battle of Trafalgar itself, to the naval War of 1812 between Britain and the emerging naval superpower of the United States, all are contained within this volume.

Whether you’re inspired by the history and romance of massive, bloody battles on the high seas, or wish to recreate the fictional exploits of Hornblower and Aubrey, Trafalgar provides an accessible set of rules and practical information to bring these encounters to life through a strategic tabletop wargame.

Set sail for adventure and glory. Clear for action, beat to quarters, and run out the guns: Every man must do his duty!

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