Project Description

Marvel Universe Miniature Game

Role: Design Consultant, Editor (English edition), and Background Writer.

The Marvel Universe Miniatures Game is a tabletop skirmish game, based on the epic, best-selling Marvel Universe. Featuring many of the well-loved characters that have thrilled comic book fans for generations – Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, and many more – these mighty heroes and their arch nemeses can now assemble at your call, ready to save the world… or destroy it.

In the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game, you and your friends collect a set of beautiful miniatures of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains, bring them to life by painting them, and then use them as playing pieces in an exciting multi-faceted, three-dimensional tactical game. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of tabletop miniature games, or a new recruit to this rewarding hobby, you’ll soon be controlling your own super-team, and battling for control of New York City, the Earth at large, or even the entire galaxy!

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