Project Description

Lasting Tales

Role: Lead Designer.

Lasting Tales is a cooperative tabletop miniatures game for 1–5 players, which lets players create their own heroes and embark on an epic campaign, linking game sessions together to create a rich story set in a classic fantasy world.

Inspired by pen-and-paper roleplaying games and tabletop skirmish games, Lasting Tales is a fully co-operative experience in which every player is the hero in their own tale, battling the enemy on their own or with their friends, and crafting their legend through the variety of events they’ll stumble upon during their journeys.

A game of Lasting Tales will also require a handful of standard six-sided dice, a tape measure or ruler, and miniatures. Fortunately, Lasting Tales is a miniatures-agnostic game, meaning players can use any fantasy miniatures and terrain in their collection.

This rulebook contains:
  • Gameplay rules
  • Rules for hero creation
  • Adversary profiles
  • Campaign rules
  • Adventures (scenarios)
  • A full narrative campaign (Tale)
  • Pre-made heroes
  • and more!
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