Project Description

The Batman Miniature Game

Role: Design Consultant, Editor (English edition), and Background Writer.

Gotham City, a nightmare in stone and metal, plagued by crime and corruption since its inception, where the forces of evil and anarchy, heroism and order, battle for control of the night.

In the Batman Miniature Game, you will form a ‘crew’ of characters, represented by finely detailed miniatures, and play through myriad scenarios where you must overcome your opponents through a combination of brains, brawn and chance. Whether you wish to save Gotham from the evil that stalks its streets, or reclaim the night with a force of lawful police officers or vigilantes, the freedom afforded by this game will let you weave your own stories on the path to victory.

Whether you’re new to tabletop gaming, or you’re a hardened veteran of Gotham’s sprawling chaos, you’ll find all the information needed to play in this rulebook. Enter the world of the Dark Knight Detective, and bring the tales of the Batman universe to life like never before.

In the Batman Miniature Game, you control the heroes and the villains. You choose their strategies. You decide the fate of Gotham City!

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