Figured it was time for a little news round-up!

First of all, in case you missed it, Sherlock Holmes: The Red Tower is now available in a Czech language edition, published by Knihy Dobrovský, it’s a beautiful hardback, with a stonking cover. Sherlock Holmes: a Rudá věž is out now!

Possibly a little pre-emptive of me, but we are also in talks to translate my first Sherlock Holmes novel, A Betrayal in Blood, into Czech, so watch this space.

Sherlock Holmes: The Red Tower book cover

Also, a few of you may have spotted a recent announcement about a new tabletop games project. Lasting Tales, a co-op fantasy skirmish game, is coming later this year from Blacklist Games.

This is an old-skool skirmish game, where the players each take a hero and play cooperatively against AI monsters. Full levelling system, campaigns, narrative scenarios… Think Warhammer Quest meets Mordheim meets D&D. And when I say old skool, I mean no multiple card decks, proprietary accessories, or custom dice. Just D6s, character sheets, and a big rulebook packed with random generator charts, lovely art and rich lore.

Primarily, this game will support Blacklist’s Fantasy Series miniatures (and, indeed, will be released alongside Fantasy Series 2), but it’s going to be largely a miniatures-agnostic system, so you can use any fantasy minis you have to hand.

Full announcement over on YouTube (starting around 39:55).