On Saturday 25th September, Tabletop Gaming Magazine held its annual awards ceremony for the best games of 2021, as voted by the gaming public. I’m delighted to reveal that The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms by Modiphius won Best Miniatures Game!

This game had a really difficult launch, coming into a pandemic, with global supply chain issues to boot. But it really seems to have captured the public imagination. It’s not just the Elder Scrolls licence that did it, but also the focus on solo and co-op narrative play, which came at exactly the right time for thousands of gamers stuck at home during pandemic restrictions around the world!

I’m incredibly grateful for everyone who voted for the game, in what was a very competitive field. Big thank you to everyone at Modiphius for making what is, frankly, a lush-looking game, and a shout-out to them for also winning Best RPG this year with Dune: Adventures in the Imperium!

If you missed the awards show, you can watch below.