Okay, so I haven’t blogged at all this year. Quite a hiatus. But there are some very good reasons for it!

First of all, in case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve got a new website! Hope you’re enjoying your visit. A lot of work has been going on getting the new site up and running, and porting the old blog across to it, and finally we’re here.

Secondly: there appears to be some kind of weird global pandemic on. I know, I almost missed it. The thing about the Rona is that it’s made finding blog content really quite tricky. There are no conventions to write about, and everyone’s heads have sorta turned to mush while going stir crazy. Understandable, but not an ideal creative environment. I joked at first that nothing had really changed for me – I work remotely all the time, don’t really see other people during the day, and like my peace and quiet. Unfortunately, with lots of companies placing staff on furlough, or sadly laying people off, it’s meant that my little remote network of colleagues isn’t what it was. Eventually it takes a toll, and output starts to slow down. Time, however, marches on relentlessly: it seems unbelievable that we’re halfway through Summer already.

So what have I actually been doing since the last update? Mainly, I’ve been dedicating time to finishing my new book. It’s taken an absolute age to write, but it’s almost finished. Just the small matter of finding a publisher next…

I’ve also been working on a lot of tabletop gaming projects. The Elder Scrolls in particular has taken up a lot of my time this year, and I think the amount of new content planned over the coming months (even years) is really exciting. Added to that the Whisperers and the new anthology book for The Walking Dead, the background lore to the brand new Kings of War: Armada naval game, plus the obligatory secret projects that I can’t talk about yet, and it’s actually been a really busy year. I’ve been working on a fair bit of solo play content to help keep everyone’s spirits up during varying degrees of lockdown.

But damn, it’ll be better when I can do some writing at the local coffee house again, or rub shoulders with readers and fellow writers at Edge-Lit and FantasyCon, or play some board games with human opponents in person. Here’s hoping, eh.

See you on the other side!